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History of Yuan Ching Road, Lakeside

Lakeside Jurong was initially a mangrove swamp that contained plenty of prawn ponds that residents used to make a living. The current Pandan reservoir area was covered entirely by mangroves that were also a prawn pond. Besides the pods, Part of Juron had plantations consisting of rubber and Gambier.

In the early 1960s, Albert Winsemius, a Dutch economist, introduced Singapore’s first industrialization programme. A total suite area of about 69 sq km was prepared for the expected industrial development. Swamplands were filled with soil, and the hilly regions were levelled for other residential and recreational projects. In 1962, the Jurong Industrial Estate project kicked off with the first foundation laid by National Iron & Steel Mills. Some early industries in Jurong include; timber, oil fabricator, shipbuilding and sawmilling.

Following the rising industrial estates in Jurong, residential and recreational establishments were constructed to attract people to reside nearby and allow expansion of the area. This led to the growth of a self-reliable site with good connectivity, which led to the emergence of the MRT rail system and bus services.

In the 2000s, Jurong estate experienced a rapid change in private residential housing. As a result, more amenities were improved to accommodate the new population in the area. Schools like Yuan Ching Secondary School and Jurong Primary school were renovated, and in 2006 a master plan was presented to upgrade the Jurong area. Playgrounds were expanded, communal gardens were created, and repainting and rewiring were done. Hospitals such as Jurong Community Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital were opened around the same time in 2015.

Today, Jurong has transformed into a mixed residential and commercial hub that accommodates people from all walks of life. The area is also in close proximity to various amenities that serve the residents of Jurong.